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The Vibrational Universe

Yes, I want to help!

Are you a talented person who is highly motivated to help others? Do you believe that it is possible to increase spiritual awareness without coercing, cajoling, or squashing another's beliefs?
Then you are just the person we are looking for, so welcome! We value your ideas and your skills and can put them to good use. Our goal is to turn the current paradigm of thought on its head, and to re-create our societies to reflect our divine nature, one heart and mind at a time.
If you are a graphic artist, web tech, programmer, musician, writer, marketer, or just have some great ideas, please fill out the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours and tell you how you can contribute.

Yes, I Want to Help!

A few thoughts from the desk of Ken:

The current paradigm of thought teaches that enlightenment is almost impossible for the average person, and arduous even for those who dedicate their lives to it. Over the centuries the word has taken on a pejorative aspect, as if it is saying, "don't even bother because it's too hard."
At The Vibrational Universe we have a different idea!
If we analyze the word enlightenment, we first see the word Light surrounded by the prefix en- and the suffix -en. en- means, "to put into" and "to make, or cause to be." -en means, "to become," and "to come to have" or "to cause to have ." The suffix -ment simply means, "the state or condition of ___."
So enLightenment simply means, becoming or having Light. And that Light is the Light of spirit, of life force, of consciousness itself. It is who you are! The question is, how hard do you have to work to become something you already are? Well, working hard at something you already are is bound to cause you to move away from it! That is the Great Mystery, solved.
Beliefs are powerful things -- self fulfilling prophecies. If you believe that enlightenment or self improvement is hard, you will erect barriers to your own success. It's as simple as that.
While arduous practice and study may be necessary for those engaged in martial arts, or sculpture, or music, it is definitely not true for those who are simply interested in discovering themselves.
Let me tell you a little story.
One day several years ago my brother sent me a link to a website called Kryon, which is a site devoted to channeled information. I said to myself, "OK, this guy is nutty; he thinks he's in communication with God or something." But I decided to read it anyway, because my brother, who had always been a very worldly soul, had recently experienced a spiritual awakening. I'll never forget that first sentence: "I am Kryon of magnetic service." Now that seems like a weird thing to say, and pretty innocuous. Certainly not inspirational or informative, and it didn't make much sense to my rational mind. But somewhere in the folds of the right side of my brain, or somewhere in my consciousness, a connection was made, and I felt like my universe had broadened and expanded. Just one sentence, but it made all the difference. Sometimes, only one cleverly turned phrase can result in a leap of awareness.
For years I studied philosophy and religion and science in an attempt to find Truth. But I finally realized that Truth (with a capital T) cannot be found in symbols, secret codes, or magic formulas. I discovered that enlightenment is a feeling -- a feeling of well being and joy. That is why an uneducated person can just as easily be a saint as a scholar.
By any definition, enlightenment must feel good. Therefore, the better you feel, the more en-light-ened you are! (Of course, by feeling good I mean a true feeling of joy and well-being, not a deluded and twisted impulse to harm or destroy. We'll leave that for those who believe in the 'Man is Meat' theory of consciousness!)
Can it really be that simple? It can be, and it is. So live your life by being and doing those things that inspire you. Many of us have been taught that feeling good is unproductive, and that you can't accomplish anything of value unless you work hard and grind it out. Well, all I'll say to that is, anything you can do in a lower emotion/vibration, you can do better in a higher emotion/vibration! A happy person is always more intelligent, effective and productive than a stubbornly determined person.
In order to become enLightened, all you have to do is remember who you are. Even though the average person may have layers of false programming imprinted upon his or her consciousness, it is always possible to cut to the quick, like a strong beam of sunlight that penetrates and illuminates the darkness.
The products we sell are designed, to the best of our ability, to do just that. I hope you can help us achieve the goal of a paradigm shift in thought upon our planet.
:-) Ken