What is the vibrational universe?

The Vibrational Universe is a research and teaching community that networks together to spread the very best inspirational and enlightening information products to the world.

It's a new way of looking at life, science, and spirituality. The vibrational universe concept redefines common sense to include universal principles that have been known for thousands of years, but hidden away in mystery schools and ancient texts.

Our society has seen an explosion of these ideas in recent years and some of them have made their way into self help books like Esther Hicks' "Ask and it is Given," Dr. Wayne Dyer's "Ten Secrets For Success and Inner Peace," and popular works of fiction like "The DaVinci Code."

Our products and those we promote are based around three principles:

  1. A human being is an eternal spirit having a temporary physical experience. Without this knowledge, life becomes merely a struggle to survive.

  2. The universe is not a cold and uncaring place, but has been designed to be responsive to our choices and empower those who live in it.

  3. Matter, energy, and thought is fundamentally vibrational in nature, so that each interfaces with the other in a subtle, but powerful way. We may then apply the physics of vibrational interaction to the relationship between spirit and the physical world in everyday life. It turns out that this works amazingly well to clarify and simplify all aspects of daily living.

Our purpose is to partner with talented, spiritually aware people who create eBooks, movies, telecourses, multimedia products and seminars to raise spiritual awareness throughout the world, in agreement with these principles.
Our mission is to inspire, enlighten and educate every person on earth to the awareness of their greater potential.
Our goal is to completely change the belief systems on our planet by increasing spiritual awareness and empowering individuals.

By increasing spiritual awareness, I simply mean the personal recognition that consciousness, or self-awareness, exists independent of the physical body.

Once a person has this realization, he or she is more than just human - more than just a collection of neurons and protoplasm.

This recognition turns hatred to love, intolerance to compassion, and worry and anxiety to peace. Such a person becomes a citizen of the planet earth, and ready to cooperate with others from different cultures on a planetary scale.

Does this sound exiting to you? Are you a person who has already experienced a spiritual awakening and wants to help others do so as well? Do you get fired up thinking about actually changing the world instead of just talking about it? Do you think it's actually possible?

If so, you are just the kind of person we are looking for. A talented person with big ideas who is not afraid to transcend society's ideas of what is possible.


Well, mainly because it's fun and exciting! Imagine a world where every individual understood their greater potential and felt enabled to act upon it. How would that world look different from the present one? Just thinking about that gives me goose-bumps.

For 5,000 years humanity has embraced the ideas of scarcity, conflict and war, but we can no longer afford to travel that road. The population of our planet is approaching critical mass and now, for a brief period of time, we have the opportunity for a change in consciousness on a broad scale.

Our species must choose another path if our planet and our societies are to continue. We must replace the old paradigm of thought with a new one based on cooperation, harmony, and abundance, where the value and talent of every person is recognized and supported.

I am talking about nothing less than a planetary evolution in consciousness that will change our societies from the bottom up. The Vibrational Universe is a community of spiritually aware individuals and groups who unite in a common goal to raise spiritual awareness -- transcending political, religious, and cultural beliefs.

All revolutions start from the grass roots and work their way up.

Governments only have the power given to them by citizens. Tyranny can only exist in soil that is fertile to it! Because action follows thought, positive change must begin with a change in thought and belief.

Mankind is in trouble because we have given away our power to governments and religions that are interested only in the accumulation of wealth and power to themselves. Our current belief systems emphasize the "follow the leader" concept. We are taught to admire heroes and authority figures, providing a convenient excuse for people to avoid thinking for themselves and discovering their own power.

Such thinking inevitably leads to hierarchical societies where a few have power and the rest are disenfranchised. The biggest culprit of the old paradigm is the belief that "when you die, you're dead." This is the Big Lie upon our planet, because it is in direct opposition to the quintessential fact that we are all divine, powerful and eternal spirits having a temporary physical experience.

You are divine, you are eternal, and you are powerful. The universe has been designed so that every individual may experience the realization of their dreams.

Our human societies simply defy universal principles, which is why we struggle. And it is the same in our personal lives.

For example, we are taught that struggle and hard work are necessary ingredients for success. But the Law of Attraction tells us that struggle and hard work only beget more struggle and hard work. It is only when we abandon them that success is possible.

We are told that to eliminate cancer, poverty, and drugs we must fight them. We are told that to eliminate terrorism we must fight a war against terrorists. But war and terrorism are reinforcing vibrations. Therefore fighting terrorism will only lead to more terrorism. Or cancer. Or poverty.

In our schools we stifle initiative into a one size fits all system, and drug any who do not fit the mold.

Our government spends $10 trillion more than it makes, debasing our currency and our economy while at the same time sending its troops all over the world and calling itself the world's only superpower.

These irrational, conflicting and self-defeating concepts -- and others like them -- only make sense in the absence of spiritual awareness.

Have you ever wondered why our species keeps doing the same dumb things over and over? I used to think it was a gigantic conspiracy. Now I know the real reason -- a lack of spiritual understanding.

People who don't know who they are, simply can't see that what they're doing doesn't work. Our current political leadership, for example, actually think they are doing the right thing! As Robert Heinlein, the great science fiction writer once said, "never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity." That stupidity results from a lack of spiritual awareness.

Action follows thought. When belief systems change, our societies will change. It is as simple -- and powerful -- as that. In order for beliefs to change, spiritual awareness must be raised on a planetary scale, so that the major players -- governments, corporations and religions -- reflect that understanding.

You can't educate someone in the absence of this awareness, and if you have ever tried, you know exactly what I'm talking about -- it's like taking to a brick wall.

Raising spiritual awareness is not difficult, however, because every life form on earth IS spiritual! Therefore, we only need remind our fellow human beings of their true nature. That is what our products are designed to do.

In order to change the direction of humanity's future, we must change the species consciousness. And the only way to do that is one heart and mind at a time.

The Vibrational Universe concept

The current species consciousness of mankind is based around conflict, war, scarcity and competition. From our very first breath, each of us is immersed in a sea of these thoughts. Every new generation comes in fresh but eventually, after years and years of exposure, inevitably acclimates and unconsciously accepts these ideas. And that is perfectly understandable.

Have you ever been with a group of people who all had the same idea, while yours was different? Didn't you feel a pressure to change your mind even though you didn't want to? This phenomenon is called vibrational entrainment. It is also called peer pressure. On a planetary scale, we all succumb to it.

Entrainment is defined as the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that both vibrate in harmony. It can also be defined as a synchronization of two or more rhythmic cycles. For example, when two pulsing heart muscle cells are brought close together each begins to pulse synchronously.

The discovery of entrainment is linked to the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens. While working on the design of the pendulum clock, Huygens discovered that when two clocks were placed on a wall near each other and their pendulums swung at different rates, they would eventually wind up swinging at the same rate. This occurs because of their mutual influence on one another.

In a vibrational universe, it is possible for one vibration to entrain another. For example, one bell in a room full of bells, when struck, will generate a sympathetic response from all of the bells attuned to that note. It has been discovered that a more powerful vibration entrains a weaker one. It is also true that positive emotion is a more powerful vibration than negative emotion. Therefore, the adoption of a positive vibration must inevitably sublimate a lower one. That is why we have the saying “love always conquers hate.” Hate is a lower harmonic of the vibration of love. All negative emotion finds its power in positive emotion, because darkness is just an absence of Light.

Mankind resonates to conflict, hatred and war not because it is inherently more powerful, but because it is the currently established vibrational pattern.

Because so many individuals resonate to these outdated and irrational concepts, it has become the dominant vibration on our planet, entraining thought and action to it. By changing individual awareness, we may establish a powerful new vibration around the concepts of cooperation, harmony, prosperity and the recognition of individual self-worth.

Let's face it: we can use the Law of Attraction to make our personal lives as pleasing as possible, but if the world is going down the tubes at the same time, how satisfying can that be? Wouldn't it be far better to take everyone else along with us?

The world is now globally connected, through the internet. As of October 2006, there were over 100 million web sites and over 8 billion web pages. The size of the internet doubled from May 2004 to October 2006, with 20 million of that growth between April and October of 2006 alone.[1] As more and more of humanity becomes part of the global network, the greater is our opportunity to reach out with information products that can raise consciousness.

We want to partner with spiritual writers, musicians, artists, web designers, movie makers, celebrities, web techs, and marketers interested in replacing mankind's self-limiting and self-destructive belief systems with uplifting and powerful ones aligned with the truth of our spiritual nature.

If we don't do it, who will?

What can The Vibrational Universe community do for you?

  • * Provide content-rich, inspirational and informative books and movies for your personal enjoyment and to share with others

  • * Partner with talented and committed people who share their products and network on a common spiritual goal

  • * Raise consciousness and increase the planetary vibration

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Our goal is to spread love, light, and understanding throughout the world.

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[1] Source: November 2006 Web Server Survey from Netcraft.com